Southside Animal Hospital has full-service surgical capabilities. We are the only veterinary facility in the Concho Valley that offers laser surgery in an effort to reduce bleeding and pain during surgery and speed your pet’s recovery after surgery. From routine spays and neuters to prevent pet overpopulation to more extensive soft tissue and orthopedic surgeries, our doctors have close to 40 years of combined experience in veterinary surgery. We routinely consult with board-certified veterinary surgeons if your pet’s circumstance is outside our realm of expertise.

Most surgical procedures require some form of anesthesia. We strive to practice balanced anesthesia methods in order to reduce the overall amount of drugs your pet requires for a procedure. In order to prepare for anesthesia, we recommend pre-operative bloodwork and IV catheter placement for fluid administration for all of our patients. This approach allows us to detect underlying diseases that may affect your pet’s response to anesthesia and address problems should they arise during surgery quickly and efficiently. We are very proud and fortunate to have a dedicated veterinary technician monitoring your pet’s vital signs including ECG, oxygen saturation, and blood pressure during anesthesia.