Our Technicians


Katie has been a veterinary technician with Southside Animal Hospital since August of 1995. Katie is a native of the San Angelo area. She and her husband Jr. have 5 children and 2 beautiful granddaughters. Their animal family includes 1 cat – “Dirt” (an outdoor kitty who adopted them) and 2 dogs – an 11-year-old Miniature Schnauzer “Smokey” and 3-year-old English bulldog “Nos.” Katie loves her job and all of our clients and patients that she has the pleasure to work with every day.


Kelly has been a surgical technician at Southside since 2005. She is originally from Michigan but transplanted to Texas shortly before joining us at Southside. Kelly’s extensive on-the-job training has been supplemented by continuing education for veterinary technicians. She and her husband have one son as well as numerous cats, several dogs and horses. Kelly’s previous animal and work experiences include multiple years at a wildlife center in Michigan, 2 years at a horse ranch, and multiple years at a small animal hospital in Michigan before joining the Southside Animal Hospital family. She also has an interest in feline behaviour and creates commissioned artwork.


Diane has been a veterinary technician at Southside since 2007. She is originally from Woonsocket, Rhode Island. She completed an Associate degree in Veterinary Technology before moving to Texas. Diane’s family includes her son, Chad, her husband, Todd, daughter in law Bonny, and their dog “Nala” – a Blue Lacey. Diane also has 4 years of large animal experience, primarily equine, from when she lived in Maine. When Diane is not working at Southside, she enjoys hunting, working out and spending time with her family.


Carey joined the Southside Animal Hospital family in April 2016, with a Bachelor of Science in Animal Science from Texas A&M Commerce, and an Associate of Applied Science in Veterinary Technology from San Juan College. She lives with her husband, Marshall, her two sons Cooper and Barrett, and her four great danes, Heidi, Dubi, Maize, and Sterling. She is a Licensed Veterinary Technician (LVT) and works with our surgical and hospitalized patients. Prior to this, she grew up on a farm raising cotton and cattle. She was also a lab technician for 1 year, a zoo keeper for 1.5 years, 2.5 years being a technician in emergency medicine, and 6 years being a technician in day practice. She loves to spend time with family and friends, as well as watching movies, TV shows, and live theatre. Ultimately, nothing beats a beach vacation!!!

Our Office Staff


Laci has been a veterinary technician and now lead receptionist at Southside since 2009. She is originally from Snyder, Texas, and completed her Bachelor of Science degree from Angelo State University in Animal Science in 2009. Laci and her husband, Tyler, have two young sons. She also has numerous pets: 5 dogs – “Roscoe,” “Corona,” “Pepper,” “Coop” and “Mabel”; 4 cats – “Annie,” “Mike,” “Oliver” and “Punky;” and 3 horses – “Candy,” “Cisco,” and “Cochise.” Laci grew up farming and ranching, showed steers, pigs and lambs, and previously worked at West Texas Animal Clinic. When not at Southside, she enjoys hunting, fishing, camping, spending time with family and friends and going to church.


Lauren has been a receptionist at Southside since 2011. She is originally from Miles, Texas, and completed her Bachelor of Business Administration from Angelo State University in Finance/Real Estate in 2013. Lauren’s family includes her fiancé Clayton, her parents and daughter Avery. Lauren grew up with animals and her parents have been long-time clients of Southside Animal Hospital. Her love for animals extends to her dogs, Jesse When not working at Southside, she enjoys cooking, watching movies, gardening and shopping.


Lynsi is a receptionist who started in winter of 2017. Her hometown is Alpine, Texas and is currently enrolled at Howard, working toward her BSN. Lunsi’s family consists of 2-year-old Olivia, Lexi the dog, and Charlie the cat. Aside from work she loves to read, learn, and meet new people. This is her first job working with animals!


Merrisa is a receptionist who started working in winter of 2017, with 3 years college experience and 2 years experience being a Veterinary Receptionist. She resides in San Angelo with her husband Will, and her children Luke, Cole, & Suzana. She has a Dach/JRT mix named Emmy. In her spare time, she spends time readying, watching football and movies, and listening to music.


Kristi has been a technician since October 2017. Prior to this, she has 2 years experience with CVVEA, and 4 months experience with SSAH. She lives with her husband Mike in San Angelo, TX, and graduated from Angelo State University. She has two pets, Kai and Rui. Work aside, she loves spending time with her husband and pets, along with kayaking, cycling, motorcycling, and eating food.


Ashley has been a technician since winter of 2017, residing in Menard, Texas. Prior to this, she was in the Veterinary Technology Program by Penn-foster. She was raised on a ranch, and now has three chihuahuas: Love Bug, Liquorice, and Jelly Bean. She likes hunting, fishing, cooking, dancing, and being outdoors.

Our Kennel Staff


Emiley has been at Southside Animal Hospital since the fall of 2013. She started as a kennel technician and has worked up to a veterinary technician. She is originally from the Midland, Texas, area – Greenwood. She has completed an Associate of Science degree from Midland College and is currently working on her bachelor’s degree in Animal Science from Angelo State University. Emiley’s grandparents raised her and her brother and sister. She and her fiancé, John, were not able to take any of her 36 dogs and 6 cats with them to San Angelo, but she has adopted a dog “Munchkin.” Emiley’s previous animal experiences include 6 years of working at Shannon Animal Hospital in Midland during summer and Christmas breaks as well as volunteering with SPCA organizations. Emiley states that animals are her biggest passion and wants to make it her career. She also enjoys all things exotic, hunting, fishing, camping and being outdoors.


Lacey has been with Southside since the summer of 2014 starting as a kennel technician, married to her husband Jack. She is currently one of the friendly faces that will greet you as a receptionist. Lacey is originally from Denver City, Texas, graduated from high school there. Her animal family includes Brinli the boxer and “Mr. Wiggles” a playful kitten.


Aimee is another recent addition to Southside. She started as a kennel technician in May 2015. She is originally from Houston but her family has lived in San Angelo for several years, and she graduated from Central High School in May. She is currently attending Angelo State and is working towards an Animal Science degree with a minor in Chemistry, expecting to graduate in December 2018. Aimee’s family includes her parents, and her two brothers. Her animal family consists of her cat, “Pancake”, 2 dogs: “Mia,” and “Zoe” and 5 ferrets: “Bandit,” “Taz,” “Hazel,” “Spitfire,” and “Shadow.” Prior to working at Southside she volunteered at the San Angelo Nature Center in middle school. Other interests include music, movies, shows, books, and writing.


Melissa has been a kennel technician since winter of 2017, living in San Angelo. Prior to this, she majored in Animal Science from ASU. Her family consists of her mom Vanessa, her sister Stephanie, her dad Kenny, and her step mom Cori. She has 4 pets: Penny, Sampson, Baine, and Fendley. In her spare time, she likes running, reading, spending time with family, and outdoor activities, namely, camping hiking, and swimming.